Friday, 10 October 2008


If your name is Addison, Elizabeth, Hailey, Sadie or Samantha these coloring pages have your name on them - lucky you!

 If your name is Dominique, Toni, Zoie, Bella,  Mila, Alyssa, Rachel, Halle, Natalie, Malachi, Lorelei, Nova or even Jack - then here are your princess coloring sheets with your name on them.
 Girls called laura, Sophie, Edie , Arabella, Dominique, Harper and Kaylin will find their girls coloring page with their name on it here. Lucky you! 

Great to see some Arabic names being requested - salam alekum to those who requested them. If your name is Alina, Tricia, Afia, Rania, Inaya, Nonie or Amelia - I hope you love your personalised colouring pages.